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"We All Float Down Here" Drawstring Backpack

"We All Float Down Here" Drawstring Backpack

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Inspired by Stephen King’s iconic clown, Pennywise, this drawstring backpack will make sure all your gear doesn't float away.

From his origins in Stephen King’s classic horror novel to his return in the recent film adaptations, Pennywise has danced his way into our nightmares for over three decades. He has also been the relentless tormentor of the Losers Club, who must save themselves and their town from his evil clutches. “We all float down here” is a famous quote from the original book and most likely a reference to the fates of Pennywise’s victims: Just as their bodies “float” in the sewers of Derry—Pennywise’s domain—they also “float” in a limbo-like space called the Deadlights, where they never truly die. Eerie stuff, huh?

Available only at Creepy Crate, this It-themed backpack is perfect for carrying whatever you need for the day ahead. Even if that day involves hunting down a scary clown.