H.H. Holmes "Murder Castle" Tee

H.H. Holmes "Murder Castle" Tee

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Care to stay the night? Cozy up with one of America's most infamous serial killers, H.H. Holmes, in this limited-edition tee.

You know him as H.H. Holmes, but America's first urban serial killer was once a quick-thinking troublemaker named Herman Mudgett. But while his intelligence made him stand out from the crowd, few could see the extent of the cold, calculating evil hiding just behind it.

After spending many years as a con-artist, Holmes assumed his now well-known identity, moved to Chicago, and added "serial killer" to his resume. His home served as his base of operations, a frightening torture dungeon where he’d slay his victims in sinister ways. And boy, did he have a lot of victims. At his most depraved, Holmes lured guests of the Chicago World’s Far to his “Murder Castle,” where he’d promptly dispose of them for the sake of gaining money, property, or a corpse to sell. He continued to engage in various illegal activities throughout the late 1800s until, in 1896, he was hung for killing his frequent partner in crime. 

This short-sleeved tee is inspired by Holmes’ dark days at the Chicago World’s Fair and comes in a fun light blue.